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HighMark is deeply committed to providing relevant content and timely information to all of our clients. Our team meets regularly to monitor market and economic events and evaluate their impact not only on our clients, but also on our investment policy and asset allocation. Our views on investing and global markets can be found in our research papers and quarterly publications.

The most recent edition of our quarterly Economic and Market Perspectives explores the current political landscape and other factors impacting economic trends and market conditions. To learn more, download the full report below. In addition to our research papers and publications, the following videos provide further insights:

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  • Q1 2017 Economic and Market Perspectives

    With the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, 2016's rollercoaster ride ended. Domestic equity markets soared on expectations of a significant boost to corporate earnings should the Presidentelect's plans for deregulation, corporate tax reform and offshore earnings repatriation be enacted while bond markets were rattled by the potential for rising inflation and a rate hike. In this issue of Perspectives, our outlook considers the impact the new administration's agenda may have on the economy and capital markets. READ MORE